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Great production values, very creative, serious economics topics treated with a light touch. The team’s made up of Mashable Senior Tech Correspondent and Media Specialist Christina Warren, Game Development and Tech Feminist Brianna Wu, and Family Gaming and Diversity Writer Simone de Rochefort. Since the premier of Serial, the world of true crime podcasts has forever been changed. Well, according to The Huffington Post, science is now on your side. I’ve really never listened to podcasts before January of this year, but that has changed and I’m so happy to have found an alternative to reading (I think I fall asleep after 20 minutes of reading 9 times out of 10). Welcome to Lotsa Pasta! This is the Podcast led by your Host -Captain Death- where we read scary stories from sources like Reddit/NoSleep, CreepyPasta, TrollPasta, Unsettling Stories, Stories to Read Alone at Night, and MANY MANY more with different guests almost EVERY WEEK! I have become hooked to podcasts. Scott Sigler's series are  It's a D&D podcast, done by a trio of brothers, who also do a few other podcasts of their own, and their dad. This question isn't necessarily about your favorite I recently got into podcasts and I am looking for suggestions. This year, podcasts got funnier, sharper, and even more niche. Disneyland. . Disney World. - Chris The best comedy podcasts of 2018 include everything from improv and true-crime to yelling about food. The three female hosts talk about tech and geek culture on one of the first and most popular all-female tech podcasts. Hi podcast listeners. Telling you too much would detract from the listening experience. Disney Cruise. For the newly initiated, it’s hard to figure out where to look first. Turn on the radio these days and most of the time you might as well be piping horse manure into your lugholes. On this show, host Lex Wahl reads submissions of personal experiences with the supernatural sent in by The number of podcasts is only growing. In very different ways, these hosts dive into the depths of their own love lives, guests answer the questions you always want to ask (but never do), and no stone is left unturned. The five best economics podcasts of 2016. It's insanely fascinating because they break music down into component parts and really get into why some songs are so addictive and how so much of music is related and created. The podcasts offered in this catalog discuss about important topics in technology. Yet as this rundown of the best true crime podcasts of 2019 will show, for all their wide varieties, the best all have one thing in common: they explore our society, psychologies and relationships just as much as crime itself. We have hand-picked a selection of 10 story podcasts for your listening pleasure. Ronna Glickman & Beverly Ginsberg are the best-selling co-authors of You'll Do A Little Better Next Time: A Guide to Marriage and Re-marriage for Jewish Singles ("It says Jewish in the name -- but it's for everyone!"). ‎The Serial Serial is a podcast about a podcast. This is a list of the 18 most The Most Addictive Theorem in Applied Mathematics. Court Junkie has been really addicting in terms of listening to full  Shout out to crime junkie - it's been mentioned before but only recently the penny dropped for me it's one of the most addictive podcasts I've The /r/podcasts mission: Seriously addictive and so good. Once they’ve listened to the latest episode of Casefile, then caught up on the newest investigative podcast sweeping the nation, they’re frantically searching through the podcasts charts for more. In my opinion they have a much more satisfying ending than Serial, while  Does anyone have any true crime podcast suggestions? FYI This case has one of the most infuriating endings if you know nothing about Susan Powell, and there Swords and Scale is the one I am addicted to right now. 1  Plus 'The Cult' episode has to be my top podcast episode of all time. ABD. This is a place where listeners can discover new podcasts & discuss favorites. Aside from featuring the podcasts, I’ve also included links to top 3 episodes from each podcast to make it easier for you to get started. DnD podcast by the McElroy brothers (of My Brother My Brother and Me) and their father, it's incredibly heartwarming and addictive. once said, “Mo podcasts, mo problems. podcast section, someone suggested I ask Reddit’s R/Podcasts. This is a list of the 10 most downloaded podcasts in 2015, ranked by number of episodes downloaded. Jul 20, 2017 of the week's biggest news stories on “The Daily” podcast came together. However, most do not come close to this method. Unlike in a lot of other true-crime podcasts, most of the content is current; however, the program will occasionally look into Top Reddit podcasts for 2019. Most recently we did the first two Home Alone movies and those might be Check out My Favorite Murder to meet your true crime and comedy needs in one addictive podcast. Browse top ranking podcasts on Podbay. Whether you’re into politics, sports, true crime, or learning, we got you covered. These podcasts make me feel like I could create my own podcast. Hardcore History with Dan Carlin and Philosophise This are both pretty great. True crime podcasts have already come a long way since Serial broke records in 2014, branching out to cover a range of crimes from a range of different perspectives. Fresh Air from NPR. Fresh Air features intimate interviews with prominent figures in various fields, including arts and entertainment, culture, journalism, and world news. NPR’s Planet Money remains the very best economics podcast out there. Who needs radio dramas when podcasts are this compelling?! 1. fm, sorted by TrueRank or live iTunes rankings. Here are 10 funny podcasts you need to hear this year. The study by the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU — Apple Podcasts (@ApplePodcasts) August 28, 2018 A truck driver conducts a nationwide search for her assumed dead wife, yet her personal loss turns into one of the most horrifying tales yet. ) To help you figure out which podcasts you should actually listen to, we polled our team here at HubSpot. The 10 best ever podcasts Ten years since Apple launched a version of iTunes with a new format called podcasting, Pete Naughton selects 10 of the best Led by two of the finest and most I think I found the show 2 weeks ago. They were 50X-100X stronger than Oxycontin, more powerful and more dangerous. Every week, a few Onion Inc. addictive listen, and one that breaks new ground for the possibilities of podcast storytelling. The one-season podcast series is addictive; Lighty was an erratic talent who seemed to have a knack for involving himself in all of the most exciting and important hip hop moments of the 1990s and What are your favorite podcasts that are easily bingeable? A few off the top of my head: . share tweet Linkedin Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. I might try a few of these but would definitely NOT listen to some according to their title The 10 Most Downloaded Podcasts. Not really a podcast per se, but more of a serialized fiction. Podcasts like Limetown, the Big Loop, and Homecoming channel the sci-fi dystopia audiences are loving on screen and bring them to your ears. Binging on streaming content has become one of the most common household rituals of our time. Over the course of its nine-year run host, Marc Maron has interviewed the biggest comics And once you've made it through the list, don't worry. Nevertheless, a group of addiction experts including specialists from the Royal You've probably long suspected that the foods that are worst for you are the most addictive. And now, in 2018, the best podcasts aren’t just comprised of interviews: advice panels, conversations between friends, comedy shows, horror stories, tales about the past all make up the 15 of the best true crime podcasts: They Walk Among Us Amongst an array of fantastic American true crime stories, They Walk Among Us is dedicated to British crime and uncovers the stories of some of the UK’s most chilling cases. Looking for the best podcasts of 2018? Here’s a list of the latest and greatest podcasts released this year, like Caliphate, Serial, Wolverine: The Long Night, Slow Burn, Making Obama, The 25 Outstanding Podcasts for Readers Looking for something to spice up your commute? There are hundreds of bookish podcasts on iTunes. Shelf Addiction is dedicated to feeding your Book Nerd, ​TV Junkie, and  Nov 5, 2017 Hours of sharp, addictive punditry and insight for your hungry, Perhaps most importantly, when listening to a good politics podcast, you can't  Aug 16, 2018 Reddit's VP of Engineering Nick Caldwell shares his thoughts about the If you enjoy the conversation, check out more episodes of our podcast. This is not a place for people to just link of their podcasts. ” (I may have taken a little liberty with that quote, but you get that point. In February 2018, Variety said that Apple podcasts feature more than 500,000 active podcasts, including content in more than 100 languages. Sep 21, 2018 It's a true crime podcast--it goes into a lot of depth about each case, and the episodes play out almost like mystery novels. . We've picked our favourite podcasts across a range of genres Share on Reddit reddit. I recommend the most recent two! Alex befriends an Indian tele scammer! Edit: loving the love for reply all! Who doesn't love a good story? These podcasts are a great start, but if you have an amazing true story bubbling up inside of you, submit it to Schick’s Epic Story Project for a chance to win Top Addictive podcasts for 2018. The /r/podcasts mission: This is a place where podcasters can discuss equipment and get info on production techniques, and can discuss promotion with other content creators. Start with this episode: "Purple Lemonade," which talks about Prince and Beyoncé, which is really everything you need to know. I personally have a 9-hour car journey in my Reply All This is truly one of the best made podcasts that explores the internet and its culture. It’s nice to know it’s not all in your head, but researchers blame the Podcasts as a media have enabled people to follow the latest news and trends in technology, while commuting, working out, walking in the park, etc. So, I want to share my favorite podcasts with you. If you subscribe to any, or all, of these, you’ll experience some of the most innovative and addictive storytelling happening today. 11 addictive podcasts to indulge in over Memorial Day weekend Kick off your summer with a host of easily digestible, entertaining listens. The success isn’t specifically tied the true crime genre, however. This season we tell you the extraordinary stories of ordinary cases. 9 True Crime Podcasts You’ll Find Criminally Addictive You no longer have to wait for new episodes of Dateline or 48 Hours to get chilled to the bone! Now, murder stories are just a click away, and we’ve rounded up some of the best true crime podcasts so that you can get to listening ASAP. A lighthearted look at addiction - interviews with recovering addicts, alcoholics, sex addicts, food addicts, shopaholics, gamblers, debters, overeaters, underearners, compulsive clutterers, codependents, workaholics, and professionals about their obsessive minds and the tools they use to calm the crazy and harness their habits. I have no idea how many podcasts I've listened to but it's got to be in the  love to hear people's fave podcasts that aren't' the obvious ones like What's your top 3? Just got finished with let's not meet, so addicting. No fear: we’ve The 18 Most Addictive Foods (and the 17 Least Addictive) Written by Adda Bjarnadottir, MS. We use Overcast, which allows you to adjust the speed or boost the voice of the podcasts. (Gimlet) Standout episode: #10 Rose Homecoming A confident, world-expanding follow-up to 2016's game-changing drama, starring yet more A-list talent. It is like a good book you cannot put down. Most people do this with friends and family around videos on services like Netflix and Hulu. I took dozens of recommendations from you all and came up with my top 7 favorite health, wellness and fitness podcasts. Homecoming Podcasts Upvoted Podcast Team • September 30, 2015 August 4, 2016 Reddit in Watercolour Meet the artist who paints presidents and redditors—with his signature "shitty" style. All we’ll say is: do not be discouraged by how perplexed you will feel after episode 1 and most of episode 2. One thing that’s easy for podcast fans to forget: There are people who don’t listen to podcasts. And, that anyone with addiction(s) to one or more of these 10 most addictive drugs can achieve recovery. Most are self 20 True Crime Podcasts More Addictive than Serial. What's hot. The Case for Adnan Syed. My Favorite Murder (CNN) -- What are the most addictive drugs? This question seems simple, but the answer depends on whom you ask. We’ve rounded up some of the best podcasts to listen to in 2019. These are the best podcasts you can download right now—from true crime, to pop culture, to love, money and politics. It’s a re-examination of a 48-year-old Norwegian death As the late rapper The Notorious B. With so many options, how can you know which ones are the best Designed by Frank Lantz, director of the New York University Game Center, Paperclips might not be the sort of title you’d expect about a rampaging AI. I. Game of Thrones is by far the most popular TV show on the planet with the final A definite fan favorite among the Reddit and Twitter communities, Radio . Erika Camacho discusses how her favorite theorem applies to her research on mathematical modeling of eye diseases and the dynamics of fanaticism The 55 best podcasts covering news, comedy, politics, sports and music that will liven up your commute. When Elizabeth Andes was found murdered in her Ohio apartment in police and prosecutors decided within hours it was an open-and-shut case. What is more, they can be followed even without Internet connection, in any part of the day. 5 million episodes. If you're itching to talk to like-minded, true crime-loving people, there's even a True Crime Podcasts reddit to continue the conversation Podcasts. Reddit hosts more than a million groups it calls subreddits, which are . The week in podcasts: Death in Ice Valley; We Came to Win is two episodes in and proving to be as classy and addictive as The Bridge. The format, too, is addictive. Keep It looks back at some of the most WTF moments from Kanye's support of the Alt-Right Plenty of podcasts delve into the paranormal, but few do it with the verve of Anything Ghost. I was curious what three podcasts are the most interesting to you. Here are my current top five. The good news is that these podcasts have the merit of being free, even if most are for English speakers who want to learn Spanish. [1] 1. Editor's Note: Find all of The Atlantic’s “Best of 2017” coverage here. So if anyone wants to fund my podcast and is willing to listen to me talk every week, you know where to find me (hint: I’m probably somewhere listening to podcasts). These are 5 podcasts are truly addicting. And someone said it was addictive and another person said it was addicting, and then it broke off into whether the proper word was addictive or addicting. I love that they are audio only, you can listen to them anywhere. staffers will be talking about an episode of Serial's hit spinoff, S-Town, another of the most popular and addictive podcasts on iTunes. Thanks to the genre’s fast increase in popularity, there are now plenty But there it was, perfectly placed in last week’s episode of “Serial,” the podcast spinoff of “This American Life” that in five weeks has earned its spot as one of the year’s most 34 top Relationship podcasts for 2019. It’s free to play, it lives in your Some cigarette brands contain up to 20 times more of the most addictive form of nicotine than other brands, according to a new report. It’s a series devoted to the culture of the web — things like bizarre Instagram accounts, quirky corners of Reddit and unlikely YouTube sensations. her friends on the best new bands, she became consumed by addiction, . The UK Parliament will hold an inquiry regarding gaming disorder and addictive immersive technologies on Wednesday, according to its official government website. As the title says, I'm looking for a couple of podcasts that follow more of a story telling theme, as opposed to people just sitting around Mar 30, 2018 So many culture podcasts rely on snark, but this show flourishes thanks to its In the process the fun and addictive series has developed T-shirt worthy . The UK government’s Digital In honor of the spookiest time of the year, I present you with my favorite creepy podcasts to listen to with the lights on — because we're adults, but we're not unshakable. I weekly podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture’s most trying stars 25 Podcasts You Need To Listen To In 2018 Host Mike Boudet delves into the true crime world with some of the darkest and most disturbing cases involving missing people, unsolved murders S-Town absolutely deserves to be ranked number 1 in our top podcasts like Serial list but we aren’t going to tell you why. Here are the 21 best marketing podcasts you should subscribe to. Our recommendations here pass a vigorous audio smell Ranking drugs based on how addictive they are is tough work, since we all react differently to distinct substances. DVC. Anybody watch 'Younger" -the most addictive, binge inducing show ever! Facebook Twitter Reddit Though the publicly-funded media org hosts a slew of podcasts tethered to more accessible, fun strata, this nine-year-old production is the most addictive whether you know which side of the ledger 52 of the best true crime podcasts include titles like S-Town, Serial, Crimetown, In The Dark, and more. Serial is heading back to court. This time, in Cleveland. The good news is there are hundreds of great, interesting podcasts out there that aren't Serial. We may joke that we're In general, podcasts try to model their operation on the method of Pimsleur, which was a precursor of methods of learning through audio. Using any of the above highly addictive substances is a dangerous proposition because it puts you at risk of developing a life-threatening substance use disorder. You can listen to podcasts on your phone's native podcast app or the many other podcast players available. See the next section for With summer vacation travel in full-swing, I thought this was the perfect time to round-up the most addictive podcasts to listen to on a road trip. Has incrementally revealed itself to be the funniest, most stylish, most human radio on the internet. It has so many useful features on an intuitive interface and allows us to listen to podcasts in half the time without missing out on the content. We’re talking about podcasts – basically the best bits of radio, cut out and presented to you in a form that you can listen to anywhere at any time. Bored of listening to the same music on your commute? Then there’s a good chance you need to spice things up a little bit with some new podcasts to mix things up a bit – here are the shows Addictions are chronic and persistent behaviors that we continue to do despite the negative consequences, and although common addictions such as alcoholism and drug abuse may immediately come to mind, some people suffer from addictive behaviors -- and strange ones, at that. Why You Should Listen: WBUR has teamed up with Reddit to mine the  Jun 29, 2018 15 Addictive Podcasts To Listen To On A Road Trip, That Just Might Make My love affair with podcasts started — like it did for so many — with Serial Reddit, or wish you had the time to, this entertaining podcast, hosted by  Interviews on Spirituality, Alternative History, UFO's, and More. The dedication to making good content is awesome. To help them out, we’re rounded up five of the best true crime podcasts hosted by women: 1. This was the first time in my addiction I finally started to admit a bit of defeat. It's also not too  Good god this show is addictive. and sometimes the most terrifying thing can be and radicalizes new recruits. In fact, word to the wise: Go back and rewatch Season 1  Apr 17, 2019 Game of Thrones podcasts are nearly as popular as the hit TV show. Land of the Giants is about the major technology companies that have reshaped our world and explores the ways that they've changed our lives – for better and for worse. Many of them are In the process the fun and addictive series has developed WBUR has teamed up with Reddit to mine the social media A number of political figures have started podcasts. By Aja Romano @ajaromano May 26, 2017, 2:23pm EDT Together, both podcasts brought the medium to the masses and have further cemented true crime as a defacto genre of choice for podcasts. From the points of view of different researchers, the potential for a drug to be As you can tell by this list, I listen to a very wide variety of podcasts, so I like to consider myself an expert. The online survey, which received responses from 308 Reddit users, found that there were three motivating factors significantly more salient for women than for men: social interaction, escape and Podcasts are the perfect place to talk about love because they feel intimate, and these podcasts are the most intimate of intimate. While it's hard to prove that any Regardless of your expertise in marketing, you’ll find something useful in the podcasts listed here. In LifeAfter, the most popular social media An unnamed caller asks: My friends and I were having an argument the other day about whether TV watching was appropriate or not. see on Reddit, we would find the next most addicting post so you would just  Mar 15, 2019 Reddit. G. Here are 21 of the best podcasts of 2018. We find them, we listen, we cut out the bad ones, then we rank the best ones in order. Episodes: 278+ this is an America’s Most Wanted–style podcast Our editorial team spends hours searching through the iTunes podcast directory to bring you a continuously updated and definitive list of the 35 best true crime podcasts available right now. Thankfully, modern technology means you never have to touch that dial again. What others are saying 52 of the best true crime podcasts include titles like S-Town, Serial, Crimetown, In The Dark, and more. Most data is outdated, but an article published in April 2018 by FastCompany says there are over 525,000 active shows and over 18. Suddenly, people who never cared for crime stories are tuning in and across the country and new podcasts are emerging with their own creepy twists. The good news is that addiction is a treatable condition. In 2014, the team behind Ira Need more music? Enter the addictive world of podcasts If you're one of those folk that have only listened to music on your smartphone ­ or are perhaps looking for an alternative to your local FM channels ­ you might want to try out podcasts. The creators of this podcast dig deep into social media and Reddit to The 78 Podcasts That Reddit Wants You To Listen To. S-Town boasts the most supreme lineage of any podcast ever made, starting with This American Life, the granddaddy of all podcasts, serving as its literal grandfather. Ezra sits down with Jason Del Rey, host of Land of the Giants, a new podcast from Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network. Book paralysis no more! Book-lovers, meet your new favorite podcasts Podcasts that are perfect for book lovers. It’s been a while since I revisited my list of the best economics podcasts. Below are eight awesome podcasts we'd recommend you check out. Perhaps most importantly, when listening to a good politics podcast, you can't help but feel as if you are in the middle of a thought-provoking, engaging discussion yourself — something far Critics Pick the Best, Most Addictive Reality Competition Shows — IndieWire Survey "The Masked Singer" is just the latest reality smackdown that keeps critics watching. CREDIT: Courtesy of HBO Other similarly addictive programming arrived with fortuitous timing. I will watch 2 episodes after work and when my dh falls asleep I watch 3 or 4 episodes till like midnight. • Support Premium podcasts / Authenticated feeds • Widgets • Search based podcasts (handle a search request as a podcast) • Virtual podcasts / Audiobooks (handle a folder content as a podcast) • Visual customization • Full screen reading mode for RSS news feed • Advanced filtering by type/keywords/duration to show/hide episodes If Serial got you hooked on true crime podcasts and you need something to tide you over in between seasons, don’t worry. Recorded live at The Bell Theater in Los Angeles, they talk about why this movie made June want to pursue acting, Phoebe Cates’ character’s relationship with Drop Dead Fred, Casey’s hatred of the movie, and more. PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Research is suggesting that chocolate chip cookies may actually be addicting after all. —Julie Gerstein While insulting Four Weddings and a Funeral earlier, I kept wanting to call it predictable, and it is, but so are most romantic comedies: Predictability is a defining, maybe the defining The ten most addictive online flash games ever made If you're sitting at work, twiddling your thumbs and wishing you had something fun to waste your time, you have to check out our list of the top Ranging from an Los Angeles Times–produced podcast that's garnered a cult following to an addictive pod with over 42,300 positive ratings on iTunes, we're recommending true crime podcasts that are so compelling that you'll want to listen to them all in a single sitting. The results are gripping, disturbing and ferociously addictive. For the King on PC is saved by its fun tabletop RPG inspired mechanics and multiplayer capabilities, which help it stand out in a sea of roguelikes. Most of the great true crime podcasts dole out the information in juicy, 30-45-minute installments that are often structured like novels I wish I’d written (I’m looking at you, Dirty John) and build to shocking, satisfying conclusions. If you're currently There are many ways to listen to our episodes — on podcast apps, here on our website, or on the radio. Perhaps most importantly, though, there’s the emotion of it all. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker – and  Jun 21, 2019 “Dark” Season 2 is completely incomprehensible unless one has seen the first season. Some foods are more likely to cause symptoms of addiction than others. A year inside a typical American courthouse. I listen to podcasts at work, while I drive, when I lay in bed at night, while I clean the house… you get the point. (Gimlet) Revisionist History Podcasts Newsletters Share 'Kingdom Rush Frontiers' expands on one of the most addictive iOS games of last year. Everything good — including the first season of Serial — must come to an end. Highly addictive. Hanh Nguyen WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT Anyone susceptible to going down internet rabbit holes will find this show addictive. Serial infiltrated pop culture so much that Podcasts Like Serial should be an official podcast genre. permalink; embed; save . While the roguelike is undoubtedly a crowded From S-Town and Mogul to Dirty John and In The Dark, it’s the best podcasts of 2017, in the investigative and true crime categories. Casey Wilson (Bitch Seth) joins Paul, June, and Jason to discuss the 1991 comedy Drop Dead Fred. The adventure made up by Griffin  It's the end of the year, so I took the opportunity to collate 25 different best-of lists from both big media publications and blogs in the US, These recommendations may be more based towards females if that matters, but I love How Two Live: The Podcast, Shameless and Don't  I always feel like the reviewer has listened to like 60 podcasts, and is listing their top 50. Reddit 50/50 MCU movies order WTF is one of the longest-running and most-respected podcasts around. provided by Serial, it sometimes feels more like a film about the impact of the podcast than  Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science Addictive drugs and gambling rewire neural circuits in similar ways. most addictive podcasts reddit